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Sometimes we get in predicaments where is is extreamly too blunt and he does hurt me.

  • Until, of course, he told me he's seeing someone else.
  • He's kind and caring,and I am a mothering type.
  • And if its not working out. I am so grateful that she did decide to choose me as a friend, because YOU don't choose Scorpio as a friend as Scorpio chooses their friends.
  • Two highly sensitive and perceptive water signs can get VERY comfortable with each other—and fast.

Its a relationship that keeps me on my toes but we love to sit at home at night and watch movies and talk incessintly. I'm 23 November 18th born at Now how sad is that. Although water can be placid and beautiful, it can actually do great damage. Oh, yeah, your tough and hard, but don't forget the Moon and the soft tidal flows around your heart.

DESCRIPTION: Unfortunately, his mother became seriously ill, and he has ended our relationship so that he can spend more time with her, and focus on her. It was definitely a sexual stare, like I was being undressed with his eyes.

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I have heard that compatibility is higher when a scorp is more 'evolved'. This simple thing doesn't cost you a single cent, and it will destroy Big Pharma's business of selling drugs. It seems though that you are at a point where you want some kind of clue and even reassurance of his commitment and intent. Other times I may be having all sorts of intense feelings and wishing I could say them out loud but am only able to stare. Answers to the above questions will give you a hint as to your potential. Spent 3 weeks here with me and my family and we fell even more in love.

Which we are more likely the less part of our whole lifes possibly, because there is always something happening Scorpio Widower Meaning us. A lot of what is said about signs is true at least for us it is, but we didn't get together just because of our signs. I'd like to dedicate this to theRabbit. That's not going to change. We are wonderful, complicated, passionate, and we both try to be the best Cancer Hookup can be for eachother. Just ended a seven year relationship with a cancer women, as I am Sorpio male!

I thought we were just talking as friends but then we tried and I was disappointed of his performance and I just stopped talking to him. Lol did the cancer make leave his Virgo wife and got with you?

I'm a Cancerian female, and for some reason have always taken an instant dislike to Scorpio men, so as far as compatibility goes, I couldn't vouch for it. I believe he had a piece of his heart with me , thats why he parted his ways with her….

  • I am Cancer, My Lover is Scorpio
  • We are the ones that will love despite any flaw and we expect the same in return and to brush off our sensitivity and conversation is a way to get us to a point where we become a whiny nightmare. However, if you ignore tendencies and demand that people do what they are not inclined to, then we can fail, or make comfort harder.
  • Cancer and Scorpio Overview
  • You have to be real with yourself.
  • My recommendation is if you know a Cancer like that, try to encourage them to seek help.

Make him declare that he will not hold this against you. Scorpio is more outward. Astrology Zone for Apple Watch. The only time I can recall ever doing so was when matching a stare with this Virgo guy I liked who would stare at me all the time. This factor asks the question:

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He can just look in my eyes and know that he can't get back in again. Told him that I feel more for him and wanted to share some more fun time with him only for him to brand me as clingy.. Low and behold he is.

I can usually tell what my Scorpio husband is about to say or do, except when he stares. We have some things in common. I met a Cancer man a few months ago, and wasn't attracted to him physically at all, and wasn't looking for a relationship. If he feels sad or mad I already know he isn't doing things today.. You just can't fool a Scorpio for their are always 'on their toes' when something deep and mysterious is going on. I give him the world all he does is look down down on me!

Im just trying to get though today. Try at all cost to avoid really hurting one another because both of up will always pay for them. I can usually tell what my Scorpio husband is about to say or do, except when he stares. Cancer male born July 8th at 9:


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