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As he watched each side of her bottom turn from bright white to bright pink and then on to a rosy red, he remembered that Mary's bottom always reddened faster than the boys' bottoms and resolved to keep spanking her until she would be sure to remember this spanking. You are captured within a strange device made of steel pipes bolted to the floor.

  • Penny and Helen Brown had been caned, at their own request and in their own lounge, after Mrs Brown had discovered her daughter was occasionally returning secretly to Archdean to receive motivational corporal punishment from Mr Simmons in a private capacity.
  • I turned eighteen today. You put more value on that crowd you are running with than you do your own family, and your mouth and temper are getting worse every single day.
  • Finally, the noises ceased.
  • Mary's silence broke as she tearfully told her dad how sorry she was and promised to behave better.
  • Ash, such a great story, I felt that the punishments were a little on the harsh side. When she couldn't she attempted to hop from one leg to the other.

Carrie listened as Mr. My mum bent me over the kitchen table and gave me fifty spanks on my bare ass. Beverly's mind raced and raced.

DESCRIPTION: I began to wear clothes that showed me off a little better, and let my hair grow longer. She had never been late for school before but as she glanced at her watch it was a real possibility that she would be today.

Pamela Asmar: Elena is beyond beautiful!Love her.

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Jose Mata: Happy massage indeed! The first chick was a sexy plumper! ;D

Natasha Smith: towel mein bahar aogi to halla mach jayega. Towel hata ke nahati toh .

Daniyal Aijaz: She is nuts. This is normal. She is crazy.

Waldo Chavez: 11:10 is when the action happens!

Cloud Air: That bath seems so uncomfortable

Alex Black: Oh so devine. he must have needed it. Otherwise why would this Lady have gone to all this trouble, hm. A fine performance of whipping a needy males backside.

The hairbrush peppered her hot backside with two dozen spanks. Faster and faster she cried, "No, Daddy! Outed and Married Ch. She had never been late for school before but as she glanced at her watch it was a real possibility that she would be today. Principal Oakman straightened and removed the paddle from her buttocks. The office blurred into upside down focus.

The Paddle Club

When Girl Paddle Spank Story woke up, the sun was shining, and the two women were wrapped up around each other. They paddle girls for fighting and cussing and things like that. Anything but the paddle. Tradition and ease dictated that the underpants always followed the pants down below the knees before the naughty one was turned over a parental knee. She was horrified as she remembered the panties she wore.

‘paddled’ stories. Active tags. The mice spank and humiliate each other. by Three year-old girls are spanked at summer camp, by. A Very True Spanking Story by ElizabethB They paddle girls for fighting and cussing and things like that. Ok. Maybe it won't be the paddle. I can write lines. Spanking stories with school and Over The Desk Spanking Stories. Over the years I have written quite a few stories about girls that have gone out of their way.

The steady presence of the paddle against her jeans and the lingering silence suggested he did.

What was worse, was that discipline between adults for sexual gratification was also against the law and was seen as a mental state and anyone caught practising it was guilty He felt the release when Mary quit fighting him and drooped as she laid across his lap sobbing. As she burst through the cellar door she nearly bowled over the two anxious boys who had been pressed against it in amazement as their big sister got her spanking.

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  • I was about to speak when the man started rattling off in a strange language I could not comprehend.
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Then, she felt the paddle strike her bottom—just above her thighs, on that soft spot. It was bad enough for her to have him slip her little panties down over her bottom, but it would have been horrifying if he would have really pulled down her underpants and seen everything, not just her bottom. The same metal rings cuffed my skin as my hands were handcuffed together. And if I dared to use one in this day and age, I'd be out on my ear. She wondered whether her bottom would be untouched or stinging when she left Heather's house that evening. And you will write her another letter of apology and we will keep repeating the cycle until you get it right.

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Eventually, however, her loyalty to Carrie succumbed to her self-interest and she reached into her blouse to extricate the icy cube. Mary's spanking was the most exciting thing that had happened in that house for months, and it was on the mind of each family member as they fell asleep that night. The boy was a good hard worker but such a lapse had to have consequences.

Jim, I can never decide when doing school stories whether to use a student or teacher for the primary spankee. As before I have to explain the background and nothing else. Travis ate enough for two anyway. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: He pushed brass-framed reading glasses onto his nose and scribbled on a pink pad. Buchanan handed her a Kleenex.


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